Process and Timeline for the test

Steps from application to test results reporting

  1. STEP1
    Fill out the application form
    Visit application form page from the link below. Fill out required items in the application form.
  2. STEP2
    Create and submit candidate profile form
    We will send you candidate profile form by e-mail.
    Please fill out the form and send it back.
  3. STEP3
    Payment of test fee
    Information about the test fee and the transfer account will be sent to you by e-mail.
  4. STEP4
    Your application has been completed
    Once we have confirmed the payment, we will send you e-mail to inform that your application has been completed.
  5. STEP5
    Question booklet
    Test voucher and question booklet will be sent to you by post at least 10 days prior to your scheduled test date. We will inform you by e-mail when they have been sent out.
  6. STEP6
    Take the test
    Please follow our test administration manual to conduct G-ken in your office or school. Send back the question booklets and the answer sheets after testing.
  7. STEP7
    Test results notification
    Test results will be delivered in about 1.5 - 2 months.


  • Please be informed that applicants are responsible for the transfer fee.
  • Please note that test fee is not refundable after the payment.
    Be sure to check the level and the fee of the test you are applying for before the payment.
  • Please check the information on your test voucher carefully when you receive it. Your test venue and what to bring on the test day are described in your test voucher.
  • Please contact us at following contact number if you haven't received your test voucher and question booklet by 10 days before the test date.
    Global Human Resources Career Support Association : +81 3 3527 3262
  • Privacy Policy: Global Human Resource Career Support Association will take appropriate measure to manage and protect personal information provided by customers. We will not use personal information of customers for any purpose other than holding the test, notification of test results, guidance and information regarding the test and the test preparation workshop. We will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party without prior consent. However, there are times when the personal information of customers is outsourced within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use listed above.