Our Mission

Our vision is to create a diverse society in which all people, regardless of race,
religion or culture, work harmoniously with mutual respect and understanding

In order to prevent the negative impact of Japan's working-age population decline, utilization of foreign human resources
is the urgent need to compensate for the labor shortage in the labor force. In spite of the great demand of foreign workers
in the service industry towards the tourism developed country achieved, the infrastructure for accepting them has not fully developed in Japan.

Japan's working-age population will decrease by approximately 8%
from 2020 to 2030

Japan's working-age population will decrease by approximately 8% from 2020 to 2030

Source: National Institute of Population and Social Security Research Median estimate

For example, in the field of recruitment of foreigners,
applicants tend to be evaluated only by the Japanese language ability.
Other capabilities such as communication ability, business manners, interpersonal skills are not usually
evaluated in the process of employment screening.
It is unfortunate that many of foreign workers recruited that
way find it difficult to remain at the company for long.


We believe that improving this situation is the key to brighten the future of Japan.
In 2017, We started "Business Skills Test for Global Human Resources" in order to support for career development of foreign workers, by achieving the following three missions:
(1) To establish infrastructure such as personnel training method and evaluation criteria which provides efficient satisfaction for both foreign workers and the Japanese side
(2) To develop hospitality mind and job performance of foreign workers and contribute to the expansion of employment opportunities
(3) To create a diverse society in which all people of different cultural backgrounds work harmoniously into the new future of Japan