It helps you to understand basic skills  and idea of SETSUGU, which lead to further growth of your confidence and improves your performance evaluation in the office.

It helps you to understand basic skills and idea of "SETSUGU", which lead to further growth of your confidence and improvement of performance evaluation in the office.

You can learn the spirit and the practical skills of Japanese hospitality "OMOTENASHI" effectively through our "SETSUGU" training programs.
What you have learned will give you a great advantage through your life, especially in your career development.
This program would be of great help to build trust at work for people from any country, including Japanese, who are working in Japan.
Our mission is to create better working environment for foreign workers with G-ken program, by developing good relationship among people who want to work in Japan, Japanese companies who want to accept foreign workers and educational organizations.

Feedback from companies and educational organizations accepting G-ken

  • Use as a judgement criteria to employ foreign workers
  • Avoid talent shortage caused by skill mismatch after recruitment.
  • Overcome shortage of skilled workers by supporting constant employment of foreign workeres and secure human resources.
  • Create good atmosphere in the office
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    Chairman & CEO ; Mr.Yoshikazu Higashi

    According to increasing number of visitors from abroad, further improvement of customer service is required today. Taking this opportunity, 63 of our staffs from different nationalities sat for G-ken to review basic customer service skills. Relationship among our staffs has greatly improved as our international staffs and Japanese staffs studied the same textbook together to prepare for the test. Now that we can evaluate the skills of each staff more correctly by the G-ken result, we expect our career development and self-developement planning would be more effective.

  • G-ken qualification promotes successful job hunting
  • Attract more students by supporting preparation for G-ken.
  • Introduce to the lessons as a basic training porgram for international students.
  • Develops better relationship between the students.
  • Helps international students get settled in Japanese society smoothly.
  • Mr.Daisuke Otosu, Director of Nagasaki International University Career Center

    Nagasaki International University

    Mr.Daisuke Otosu, Director of Career Center

    We are eager to support over 200 international students in our University who mostly aspire to work in Japan. As G-ken covers both basic business skills and Japanese language skills necessary to work in Japan, we could feel our students developing greatly through preparation for the test. We believe our mission is to develop globally diversified human resources who can become a meditator/bridge-builder in international stage. We would like to make the most of G-ken program to enhance development of global human resources.